Madilu Kindergarten School, Kolar

Our Approach

Our focus is on the all-round development of the child. Some of the key areas are…

Physical (Fine and gross motor skills)

Children will be given lots of opportunities for running, jumping, balancing, etc which enhances their muscular co-ordination.

Another important aspect of learning is to hold and safely use tools such as scissors for art and craftwork, pencils, pens to draw/write.

Children will also begin to understand how to look after themselves, eat healthily and exercise.


Children will be given many opportunities to explore the numbers and shapes in their play.

For example, they may be encouraged to count objects they are playing with, identify simple patterns, and to compare two groups of objects.

We use concrete and pictorial materials to teach them number concepts.

Intellectual & Cognitive

Lots of activities will be provided throughout the day to instigate thinking and reasoning.

This helps them organize their minds, ideas, and thoughts to make sense of the world they live in.

Children are also encouraged to share their thoughts and ideas with others.



They will spend time learning and sharing rhymes, songs, stories, and playing games to enhance their speaking and listening skills.

They will be encouraged to develop concentration, respond to questions and instructions, share ideas and experiences, and to take part in conversations.


Literacy & Language

Children will be encouraged to draw, paint, etc to develop control and hand-eye coordination.

They will be taught to identify and write numbers and letters. We work on expanding their vocabulary when they speak.


Expressive Arts

Imagination and creativity are explored and developed in the area of expressive arts.

Children will explore different media and materials and be encouraged to use their imagination in a range of different experiences.

Social & Emotional

They will be encouraged to develop positive relationships, to play with a variety of friends, and to understand the feelings of others.

There will be opportunities to build confidence and self-awareness and to manage their feelings and behaviour.

Morals & Values

Many activities are provided to strengthen their values for example Moral story sessions, inspirational skits in which children take up roles.

This enhances their ability to positive decision making and taking responsibility.

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